I stay casual, which means I do not introduce I stay casual, which means I do not introduce this newsletter by telling you its benefits, why you should subscribe and blaa, blaa, blaa. I always believe in the “Not Showing Off” personality because I see others just like I see myself.

Hello, I’m Nancy, a Blogger, Influencer and a YouTuber. You can simply say I’m a Digital Creator. I create valuable content. That’s it!

I know you might get overwhelmed by others because of their “over-pitching” behaviour. Well, I’m not like that by heart, because I know that if you find anything valuable in my newsletter, you’ll subscribe, even if I don’t ask you.

Still, in short, I will give you a glimpse about “My Business Route Newsletter”.

It's a Curated Business News Newsletter, which means when you subscribe, you'll start getting information about what's happening in the business world. Not only this, we also play games, give rewards if you share it with others..

Why this name (My Business Route)?

You won’t believe it if I tell you that I selected this name, the minute it came into my mind. Yes, I was just sitting down on my carpet and thinking about some names, but suddenly, this name “My Business Route” popped up in my mind, and I said - “Yes. This is all I wanted”. Haha!

Strange na? But you might be thinking that why this name? So, by passion or profession, I’m a business content creator. You might have seen me on my Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or on my own website.

So, I have a huge business-related community everywhere!

That’s why I have chosen this “Business Route” as my career. But I always wanted to help small entrepreneurs who don’t know how to start a small business or how they can make their living by small-small investment. You don’t need a huge amount of cash to build an online business career.

That’s how I am helping others.

But why, a Curated Business News Newsletter?

This is my favourite question. Besides, being a business content creator, I found that you also need some awareness related to the business world (if you’re a small entrepreneur).

It’s good to consume business content but it’s always BETTER to be aware of what’s going on all around you.

In this way, you’re enhancing your personality by levelling up your business skills.

What will I find DIFFERENT from any other content on the internet?

Most Important Question!

First of all, all the content you find on My Business Route ecosystem (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blog) is COMPLETELY FREE. I’m not thinking to monetize it right now (maybe in future).

So, you have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY that you can acquire all my knowledge and experience for free.

I DO NOT recommend you to miss this opportunity, EVER!

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