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  • Will Microsoft Acquire TikTok?

  • Is this is an end for Work From Home?

  • Reliance to Invest $250 million in InMobi’s Glance 🤑

  • Bijnis raises $30 million in Series B Round

Will Microsoft Acquire TikTok?

What do you think? Should Microsoft acquire TikTok?

Last year, the news gone viral of acquisition of the social media app TikTok by Microsoft. Is there any truth behind it? But what does a software company has to do with a social media platform?

A year later, CEO Satya Nadella said that it actually makes a bit of sense when you consider three of Microsoft’s biggest acquisitions (Minecraft, LinkedIn, GitHub) since he took charge of the company.

“So, when TikTok came to Microsoft, apparently intrigued by its work on child safety and its work to build a better community on its Xbox video game console (a game maker developed by Microsoft). This makes sense to me”, said Nadella.

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Is this is an end for Work From Home?

Are you obsessed with working from home now? Well, maybe you should look for something else now.

Along with Proctor and Gamble, Wipro, HDFC, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank are getting ready to re-open their offices. As the number of viral infections are decreasing, India Inc is looking to return to the formal workplace.

“Beginning September 13, fully vaccinated employees in leadership roles have returned to work from offices in India, twice a week”, said Wipro spokesperson.

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Reliance to Invest $250 million in InMobi’s Glance 🤑

Time to see the Reliance logo on your lock screen!

Reliance Industries is looking to invest around $250 million in InMobi’s Glance (a lock screen content platform), which you might see daily in your lock screens.

Why is he investing in Glance?
Glance, which is alreay backed by Reliance’s partner Google could give access to content on the lock screen of their upcoming Google-Jio Smartphone.

It is expected to go on sale by the end of the October.

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Bijnis raises $30 million in Series B Round

A B2B startup bijnis raises $30 million in series B round led by Westbridge Capital.

What is Bijnis?
Bijnis, a technology platform that connects retailers and manufacturers in the fashion segment, offers other capabilities, including third-party payments and logistics solutions.

“The problem is that the manufacturers spend the vast majority of their time running factories. So they rely on wholesalers and other agents for buying and selling. These players don’t share the identity to the buyers as this is how they get to squeeze a lot of money from the manufacturers,” the CEO said.

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Invesco to Invest $500 in Swiggy

Swiggy is finalising a deal $500 million with Invesco. The investment is expectd to almost double Swiggy’s valuation to $10 billion from $5.5 billion. This would make it India’s highest-valued private startup after Byju’s and Paytm.

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