Canva Drags and Drops its way in Top 5

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Space Ready For Space Trip 4, 3, 2, 1....

Are you ready for a Space Trip? Maybe the time is very near when space travel becomes commercial.

SpaceX's first private flight with all civilian 4 amateurs took off Wednesday night. The Dragon capsule's (a spacecraft capable of carrying 7 passengers) two men and two women are looking to spend 3 days circling around the world at a height of 575km from the earth.

4 People, Jared Isaacmen, 38, Hayley Arceneaux, 29, along with Chris Sembroski, 42, and Sian Proctor 51 were able to cover this ride.

Canva Drags Its Way into the Top 5

Tech Crunch

If you are a social media person, you probably know what is Canva. 

It's a simple drag and drop graphic designing app that can be used by non-designers. After raising $200 million at a $40 billion valuation, the Australian company is the world's fifth-most valuable private startup.
Canva launched in 2013 and is a perfect solution for small businesses to market online. It has 60+ million monthly active users in 190 countries.

Some of the biggest companies like PayPal, Salesforce uses Canva. The two Co-founders, Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obercht also said that they'd donate most of their combined stake in the company to charity.

The Journey Ends!!


The journey ended! Not for Zomato, but for its Co-founder Gaurav Gupta, who headed the food delivery firms supply, resigned after 6 years just after the two months the startup raised $1.3 billion in an initial public offering.

What was the Reason?

Gupta resigned due to Zomato's recent exit in its grocery delivery and nutraceutical business from today.

"I'm taking a new turn in my life and will be starting a new chapter of my life the last 6 years at Zomato. We have a great team now to take Zomato forward and it’s time for me to take an alternate path in my journey. I am very emotional as I write this and don’t think any words can do justice to how I am feeling right now," - said Gaurav Gupta.

Gupta joined Zomato from a consulting firm A.T. Kearney. He was responsible for growing the ad revenue business across India, West Asia, and Europe as its global advertising sales head.
Although, Zomato didn't announce Gaurav Gupta's resignation on stock exchanges.